UFO Sighting in Quincy, Illinois on May 5th 2015 – starlike objects moving across the sky

I stepped out on my deck to let my dog out. I noticed what I assumed to be the space station in the westward sky. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed an object I believed to be an airplane. As I began to focus on it, the object made a very abrupt 45 degre change in direction. Within 2 to 3 seconds it made another very abrupt 90 degree turn and began to slow down. It came to a stop and seemed to be a star like object. Within a minute or so it began to teeter back and forth. Mixed in with this motion it began to make only motions I can only describe as curly ques and sporadically became perfectly still. After several minutes of no movement, I had decided the show was over. Another object approached from the east, slowing to a crawl as it passed the 1st object but continued east. I lost sight of the original object in intermittent cloud coverage and was not able to regain sight of it. This lasted for approximately 17 minutes.I true to record the events on my phone but after review the video seems completely black, only the audio is intelligible

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