UFO Sighting in Willoughby, Ohio on November 25th 1993 – fluttering silver disk no wings reflected sunlight on underside flew direcly over my car as my wife and i drove east

on thanksgiving in 1993 my wife ,myself, and my then 10 yr. old daughter were driving east on I90 in willoughby ohio when i noticed a strange very bright flashing light directly ahead coming toward us .I say strange because it was a sunny unclouded day.my wife noticed it also as she was driving. the object came toward us heading due west and intersected with us directly overhead heading straight down I 90 in the opposite direction .we could tell it was moving with great speed as at the same time a small airplane was traveling beyond it heading north and it seemed to crawl by comparison.as the object grew nearer we could tell it was fluttering and what we perceived as a flshing light was actually sunlight reflecting off the underneath of the craft.It fluttered wildly enough to give us this reflection every couple of seconds. as it passed direcly over us. i would estimate the object to be 3 to 500 ft above us much bigger than a car . again i would estimate 25 to 35 ft in circumference. the object was a silver color ,a circular disk and we are quite sure that it had no wings or any apertures of any kind. It was a solid metallic fluttering disk that reflected sunlight as it passed over us. Once I reached our destination I called Lost Nation Airport which is located very close in Lake County and asked if there had been any thing unusual on its radar but they said no.I also asked if anyone had reported anything unusual and again they said no.Both my wife and I know what we saw was a UFO and found it quite exciting.I have been looking for a repeat perfomance and whenever I bring the subject up am suprised how many people have had witnessed similar events. I only recently learned about MUFON from the Hanger one series.

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