Unseen Roswell UFO crash photos unveiled TODAY which ‘prove’ ALIENS exist

This has a more realistic look about it.


Alien-lovers are preparing for the big reveal as the highly-contested “Roswell Slides” are set to go on show for the first time.
The photographs were reportedly snapped by geologist Bernard A. Ray on a Kodachrome film – which show the remains of an alien found dead in New Mexico.
Until now, the incident has been widely considered fake – despite dozens of testimonies from experts and locals.
Anthony Bragalia, a UFO investigator, has been working to prove the authenticity of the incident for years.
He claims the “creature” pictured is not a being “that finds its origin on Earth”.
Writing on his blog, he revealed: “Professionals from a range of disciplines who have seen the slides agree that they depict a small humanoid creature – a formerly living thing- that is not a prop nor a genetically defective human.
“This humanoid is not a deformed person, mummy, dummy, simian or dead serviceman.”

Roswell: Unseen 1947 UFO crash images unveiled today show aliens exist | Latest News | Breaking UK News & World News Headlines | Daily Star

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