UFO Sighting in Hwy 29, Wisconsin on April 1st 1996 – We saw the object in the sky driving down the highway, we stopped on an over pass and watched the object dart around for 20 min, we left, and saw the object again behind us, like it was chasing us. next thing I remember we were on the road in madison

The UFO was a bright white light in the sky and was about the size of a baseball, increasing in size at times to bigger than a basketball. We stopped on a over pass off of hwy 29 to watch the object and observed it for about 20 min. The object moved like nothing I have seen before, it would be in one part of the sky one second and in another part the next it was the most unnatural thing I have ever seen. We left and got back on the road it was about 1:30 AM. at about 2:30 I remember I looked in my rear view mirror and saw the object again, like it was following us, I remember we were all afraid, the next thing I remember the sun was coming up and we were driving on the wrong road and we were almost to Madison…We were trying to get to Green Bay.

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