UFO Sighting in Vancouver, British Columbia on May 7th 2015 – i saw an object wit light above me pretty close anf hover east, few sec later 1 more n then last 1.2nd was faster n change direction .

I was watching a mov8e w8t my friend were we live and i went outaide to smoke a cigarette and i saw a red yelloish orange light above me about 400 ft and it wa shovering rast slowly . Isisnt realise it at tirs then i said khadr my friend come check it out and he did ni suspected a ufo and wen he cane the second one came out the dark sme 3xact lights exact oath until 5he 3rd one came out from the exact same spot above me . Rhen the srcons one went faster almost oast the firdt one and change direction to the left and the all slowly dimmed down until they diasapear.but it was badely visible for another 2 3 min. My friend took a video from the s4 but not too good quality i will have to aend it after works if anyone reaches me i will email it its not in my phone.. I have never seen anything like it i usuakly am looking for and i hope you guys consideer this because we saw what we saw.thank you

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