UFO Sighting in Virginia Beach, Virginia on June 15th 2002 – High pitch sound forced my head to turn and paralyzed me scrambled my head

I was laying on a mattress on the living room floor with my baby in 2002 at my sisters home. It was 9:00 pm and it was very dark in he living room. The object made me notice it. I was laying on my back when my head was forced to turn right and I could not move my body at all and I could not move my head. I saw a red light about 15-20 feet away about a foot off the ground. I heard a very high pitch sound it was so loud. It did not seem to move at all but it wasn’t there before. At this same time it felt like my head was turning back and forth so rapidly it was not humanly possible to do that. I was not in control of my body. It all lasted I think maybe 30 seconds. I was too afraid to move once it ended. So I lay there for hours trying to figure out what had happened to me. The red light disappeared and the high pitch sound stopped at the same time I was able to move again. I definitely feel something else had control of me. The next day I looked around the living room and found no evidence of anything and there was no reasonable explanation of what I saw or heard and nothing that would have paralyzed me in that way making me feel like my brain was being scrambled or probed I guess.

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