When censorship decides that share data UFO is a problem

For some months I started to share with more people as possible the UFO research carried out in my country. But apparently it is not allowed to share all the material.

some time ago in this forum, I proposed a vision of this hypnotic session:


I was pleased to note that some user all seemed interesting.

So I decided to try to post the same topic on another famous’ board that is unexplained mysteries, a site I noticed to be very popular.

I have done then copy / paste of the topics presented here, but I realized that my topik had been eliminated.

This morning I reposted the discussion, noted the time:

A few minutes after I reloaded the page and my topik with hypnosis was gone I was not given any explanation.

I was wrong …. How do you censor such a potentially interesting?
These things perhaps too delicate or not you need to know?

in any case, then I open a topik protest giving this statement: (observed times)

It is the second day That I try to bring the vision of a hypnosis
and discussion disappears after a few minutes, I’d like to at least be Notified.
This is censorship.

Before the discussion (dialogue with the alien) is
visible then disappears …


A few minutes after that too topik disappears, at 13:13 it is online

then it is erased

I get a warning, but no answer as to why the issue should be censored.

A really sad thing.

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