Who’s Destroying Ufology

Hello All,

I’m seeing a pattern in Ufology that is emerging. A professional pattern because I don’t know what else to call it. It is in my opinion that there is an organized effort to kill Ufology and in the process remove any history of credibility it may have had. It used to be that science, the military, the government, and the public were fully inter-engaged on the topic with each sector much more intertwined than today. A sighting would be reported, the Air Force would be alerted, jets would try to intercept the “intruders”, government would issue statements and the headlines in the newspapers would be bold and on the front page.

Now the public has been left to fend for themselves and there is no barrier between the hoaxers and the believers. Science won’t touch it, the military has washed their hands of it, government isn’t trusted, the FAA no longer responds, pilots are told to keep quiet, radar contacts are squelched, the newspapers and other media are silent, TV news people smirk and roll their eyes and the Forums are being bombarded with unsupported, unverifiable fantasies and lies. Even the major UFO reporting centers are buried in thousands of reports most of which cannot be investigated and the people who testified in the Disclosure Project were led before a pseudo fake congressional hearing and paraded in front of the public like some side show.

So, is there a widespread program targeting Ufology in an effort to finish it off as being a serious subject? I know many in the public don’t consider it a serious subject but it also seems as though many who did have left or are slowly leaving the arena. What are your thoughts. I know that the people that have lived through the phenomenon since the beginning have noticed a big change as well. It isn’t that the old Ufology is invalid by today’s standards as much as no one uses it as a reference anymore when arguing for existence of UFO’s and Aliens. It’s almost as if our current technology is defining what folks see and report. There are no more photos of solid saucer-like craft suspended in mid-air.

Our ability to photograph objects has gotten so good but the UFO images have gotten so bad. It doesn’t make sense somehow. The digital age has taken it’s toll on Ufology in many areas like CGI, pixelated images, and other nonstarters. The old UFO photographs with the old equipment was infinitely better that what we have now. Generally speaking what is your opinion on whether or not Ufology has been severely weakened and it’s pretty much on it’s deathbed. I disagree totally that the “Old Ufology” is dead. It is systematically being overshadowed by the hype, hoaxing, and technology of today.
Your opinion? And if you have one then do you think the discrediting of the subject be turned around and the program to kill Ufology unplugged?

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