UFO Sighting in Lansing, Michigan on May 8th 2015 – Light caught my eye. Looked up and saw a red/orange light streak across the sky and then launch into the sky and disappear immediately.

1.) Sitting outside on the balcony.
2.) Saw something out of the corner of my eye.
3.) A plane.
4.) I looked up and saw a bright red/orange light in the sky. It streaked across the sky faster than anything I have ever seen. I have been on many planes, and have seen jets. Their speed isn’t even comparable. It flew across the sky with a slight curve, dropping towards the horizon, and then it took off almost straight up and the light diminished in the blink of an eye.
5.) I was immediately freaked out. My eyes began to water, and I just sat there in shock of what I had just seen. A few weeks prior I was driving home from work, and I saw something very similar streak across the sky and disappear behind some trees. I sped up to try and see, but I figured for how fast it was moving there was no way I was gonna see it again. After I drove a little further I thought I had to be crazy. It was probably just someone messing with fireworks. As soon as I saw the UFO tonight, I knew I had to have seen the same thing. I have always been a debunker as my friends have claimed to see UFO’s, and have always come up with facts to prove them wrong. There are no explanations to what I saw tonight.
6.) It took off towards space. I thought it was already going fast across the sky, but then took off and disappeared immediately.

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