UFO Sighting in Miami Beach, Florida on May 1st 2015 – bright bluish white increasing glow hovering rise then drop changed to green appeared spinning slow take off north east drifting away horizontally

I was night fishing on Miami beach,approx 49th st and the ocean. No fish were biting as I stared into the night sky. I was happy to witness a “shooting star” or a burning piece of rock entering the atmosphere. About 3:30am I noticed a reallybright light. What caught my undivided attention was when I noticed the light grow even brighter. Not too far south was a cruise ship and its normally bright lights in the dark of night seemed dim in comparison to this surging glow of super bright, bluish white light. Then the brightness settled into a smaller light, circular as a beam of light. The object just hovered until it slowly climbed diagonally upward. At this time a kind of fear swept over me, realizing that this was in fact a UFO, and alien life force. The ship, or bright light, lowered back to its original height above the ocean, then drifted slowly to the left (north). For a moment I thought I lost it, then I noticed a dim green light, in a horizontal, block pattern of green/black/green/black. The light appeared to be moving horizontal while the ship slowly drifted left (north), which also gave it the appearance of slowly spinning. This green/black spinning ship continued slowly drifting to the north, also seemingly outward into deeper space until it was out of sight. The event lasted about 15min. ending about 3:45 a.m. I was left in pure shock with an eerie chill being there alone, wishing someone would’ve shared that experience with me. As I viewed the buildings along Collins ave., I saw several lights on and wondered how many others witnessed this event from their apartment. There were other airplanes around, hovering as usual waiting for entrance into Miami international airport, and one cruise ship in the distance, yet this glowing, super bright, position changing, color changing object was obviously different. Rising then lowering twice, once each while bluish white and when green/black moving pattern, this was no doubt an alien airship seeking out its hidden places in the ocean. After it left, I continued as planned fishing until sunrise. No fish were biting at all, and I wondered if the event had anything to do with that. I have not been able to think of anything other than those 15 minutes of time, witnessing such an event. I am both excited and eager to know how many others reported the same thing, and to gain the attention of NASA and other related agencies. Please let me know if in fact there were other similar reports. I am confident there are,as this super bright continuous glow attracted the attention of others staring off into the dark horizon east of Miami beach Fla. I am also calm because I know it’s only a matter of time before the world becomes more familiar with our visitors. I only hope the “secret files” kept by our government will be shared and matched with the many eyewitness accounts, enhancing our knowledge in preparation for future visits. I know the fear is chaos in fear from the masses, but with educated knowledge and truth we should all be able to reach a better, calmed sense of understanding. I will never forget this event.

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