UFO Sighting in Saintclair shores, Michigan on July 1st 1968 – We snuck to lake to fish we were camping in my back yard went we got to the end of nine mile to end and the shore and set to fish got the lines in and saw light in the lake and we didn’t know if it was in water or above it 2:30 latter were not were we w

1 at the end of nine mile east of Jefferson in saintclare Shores Michigan fishing
2strange light in water or above the water never saw the object
3 we had no idea
4 the was 200 yards or so away when we saw it and moving in our direction
5 we have no memory of what happened after the light got close to us at some point we lost 2:30 hours and we wer a long way from or poles and bikes cold and confused and had strange thought that it was a helicopter cold scared we went home and never talk about it agin until 2012 and my friend asked if I remembered the light and said what was the deal with that did you see a helicopter I said I did remember but not seeing the helicopter just had the memory that was what was he said me too how did we get down away from our stuf I said I didn’t know he said the same why we never talked about it we don’t know that or what happened either and I would like to know I don’t know if he dose or not
6 never saw anything but the light until 2:30 latter and no light

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