What would a public alien appearance look like?

Hello Alien-Ufos users, I’ve been a casual reader of the forums here for a while now and I thought I’d make an account to share something I made. The thing about extraterrestrial life that intrigues me the most is how the world would react if they showed up one day without notice. Surely it would be life-changing for better or worse, but I’d like to think the former. As a student film editor I decided to practice my abilities by making a video project based on this concept. I was partly inspired by a National Geographic special that aired years ago about the Japan Tsunami of 2004 in which they showed amateur footage as the event happened on location. It is called “Witness: Disaster in Japan” and they have made ones about 9/11 and Katrina in the same style, they are hard to watch but the footage is important for history.

The editing style I used for the video project is about the same although the video is only 14 minutes while the specials were an hour long. I used amateur UFO footage and combined them with some well made hoaxes from Youtube to make what looks like an event that could actually happen. So without further ado here is the final product “Alien Intervention”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=td7THY1zjA0

I hope some of you will enjoy it and any feedback either on Youtube or here would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

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