The Answers To Many Questions

I see so many questions on this forum that can be answered by reading books written by the late Karla Turner. Even in death she is still ahead of the curve when it comes to Ufology. Before her mysterious death in the early 1990s she authored 3 books, Taken, Into The Fringe and Masquerade Of Angels.

Anyone with interest into the abduction phenomenon needs to have instant access to these books. The information enclosed is accurate and brilliant. Not to mention, they have answers to almost every question I see on here.

Some might not identify with them, but her research got her killed. She refused to stop doing public lectures and writing after receiving death threats from various sources. This is my attempt to pay homage to her, as the information I obtained from her work has been priceless.

Here are the links, read, save, learn and most of all, enjoy:

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