UFO Sighting in Henderson, Nevada on June 1st 1979 – was 8 years old it was dusk all the neighbors were outside seeing it for some reason but no one ever spoke of it again? I was just waiting for the ice cream man truck

Was outside waiting for the ice cream man to get my baseball and Kiss cards/gum, my dad said look at that thing. It seemed like all the neighbors and my mom came outside,I remember the whole block outside looking up. It was moving very slow, no one ran to call the police, just watched.it looked at least 1200-1600 ft long x 250 ft wide,rectangular but very jagged edges and at least 400 small white lights like in your ceiling.I don’t recall any sound but just moved so slow.but it was a long time ago but when I ask my parents about it they and the neighbors don’t recall.. A dream? It seemed real especially everyone looking up like they couldn’t look away.
Matt Rollo

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