UFO Sighting in Newburgh, New York on September 10th 1953 – was 12 total silence dog saw ran mother saw shifted 3 times dissapeared jets tracked stewart af base had recurances same silence voices strange feeling bieng observed 20 yrs later

Monroe NY 1953 walking with my dog by a swamp,and lake. i looked up and saw the oval hazy object with a red hue on top ,my dog took off and ran , I yelled to my mother who also saw it from further back from our home. there was a strange silence no sounds no birds, frogs, deadly silent, it was a oval cloudy shape hovered for about 4 minuets or more, red hazy spot on top, i knew it was a ufo,jets from Stewart air force base Newberg tracked it later ,i heard it on radio, The oval object just hovered , i didnt want to take my eyes off it, while i was looking it just shifted back and forth a few times and disappeared. the silence then lifted and all was normal. i was not scared . I told my teacher and class when school started again, all laughed at me , i never told a soul till i saw a program on TV many years later. Two cops from Pine NY saw EXACTLY what i saw on patrol. About 30 years later i had a recurrence of that silence while working on my deck (alone) up in Putney Vermont, it was deadly silent, i felt watched , heard voices , also felt looked at, no bird sounds , no outside sounds nothing! had a strange feeling of being watched or observed ,i asked WHOS THERE a few times , no answer! had same silence no birds sounds etc! We did have a large pond 100 feet away ? Our home was in the woods ,so i also didnt hear any brances or leaves cracking! then the feeling lifted and all was normal ,time was not a factor! I had no time reference , felt like oh! 5 minutes? or so! . There was no object , just that same feeling and same silence . The difference though was i felt observed and watched ,also heard voices. I had no feeling of fear.

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