UFO Sighting in Portland, Oregon on May 8th 2015 – Blinking, swirling clister of lights making extreme maneuvers near ridge,

i was at work, and I saw what at first I thought to be an aircraft N of my location. However, it rapidly climbed, turned, changed direction very sharply and made other maneuvers I have not seen an aircraft do.

The craft appeared to be behind Overlook Ridge, as seen from the east side of the Willamette river and the Swan Island industrial park.

The craft was spherical to oval-shaped, and was constantly changing color. Red, white, green, blue and violet were all seen in different, non-repeating patterns.

My first reaction was skepticism, then I decided to use my smartphone and see if I could capture video of the item. I made one short video, and a second longer video when the object appeared a second time.

I was still skeptical, thinking it may be a drone fitted with lights.

I lost sight of the object in the treeline in video one. The lights simply go out in video 2.

Item was briefly seen again at 11 pm PST, but just a quick glimpse before it was once again lost in the treeline, I was unable to catch it on camera this time.

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