Are ET aliens/spirits race conscientious?

I think they are race conscientious. I am not Caucasian but look Native American. While I was traveling in North Dakota, I absorbed a Native American spirit and it had left an unborn Native American child’s spirit within me. It stayed with me until I had encounters with the grey beings. I did not know it was with me until I had dreams of a little warrior-like spirit calling to me saying it was fighting for me to stay alive. I greatly cherished this spirit because it may have kept me alive. The grey beings are aware of race I believe. I am American but have an affinity towards Asian culture, especially Japanese culture. I have learned to speak, read, write in Japanese even though my native language is English. I have had also an affinity towards Native Americans. I have met in person Navajo and Cherokee Native Americans. I greatly appreciate their customs too and have visited their reservations.

I was wondering the reasons for other ET alien beings to contact me. I was told by the Alpha Centaurian man – Ata Rah that he liked my appearance. He also told me that I would not be totally accepted by his people because I am not Caucasian. I was not hurt since I don’t have any interest in meeting his people, but it did make me realize that even in the ET alien species appearances matter. It would have been funny if I had been Caucasian and brought up in Asia or an Native-American reservation, would Ata still have contacted me?

The grey beings do not place so much importance on appearance but are aware of the different races and mixes of Homo Sapiens. I think they are more objective and intellectual than the other ET aliens I have encountered. I understand they are into human experimentation and this makes me think that most of those who contact us are more analytical and more technical. No fuzzy warm feelings from them.

I liked Ata Ra but at times I wondered the reason for him to come to me and have a child of mixed heritage. I don’t know if I would like to know how his people would react to a mixed heritage child. However, they do look exotic and may be this is what he was interested in creating with me.

I don’t know all the answers but do have many questions.

Ahybody want to share?

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