Black Triangle Sighting in Los Angeles, California on May 8th 2015 – Round/Triangular, with 3 alternating lights, traveling from West to East slowly, then ascending slowly until completely out of sight.

I was leaving a friends apartment who lives in a building that has an elevated community area. 6 stories up, there is a pool, hot tub, gym, social room, lots of outside tables and places to sit and enjoy the view from up that high. as i was walking outside, towards the elevator room, i simply noticed this odd floating object in the sky. at first, i thought it was a weird type of blimp, which made me stop to try and figure out what exactly kind of special blimp could it be? within seconds, i then notices that it was triangularly shaped and at each point of what would be a triangle, there were flashing white lights. the lights werent flashing quickly, more of a slow alternating pattern. the object was about the size of a large SUV (yukon/suburban). then it slowly started ascending. it got so high that i walked myself to the edge of the building so i could get a better view as i watch this thing slowly disappear out of my sight. it eventually got so small, that it became the size of a VERY distant star. i was so shocked/blown away by this object, i strained myself to watch it as long as i possibly could, and it definitely left the atmosphere. after this object completely disappeared out of my sight, i was ready to walk away, but as my eyes fixed on the horizon (keep in mind i was 6 stories up), i spotted ANOTHER OBJECT! i was completely freaking out, mainly because i was alone and i wanted someone else to be seeing what i was seeing! i wasn’t scared, the objects were moving so slowly and silently and smoothly, it was almost calming. the second object i spotted was MUCH lower than the first one i had seen. perhaps the first one was that low in the beginning, but i arrived as it began to ascend. anyway, the second object seemed to travel a slow path from West to East. it looked EXACTLY like the first object. Triangular with rounded edges. not a sharp triangle, more of a round one. if you could imagine, an “obese” triangle where the outer lines sort of bulged out and weren’t exactly straight from one point of the triangle to the other points of the object. the second object was also the size of a large SUV, with alternating slowly pulsating lights at the 3 “points” of the triangle. The second object was maybe 50-100 yards above where i was (height wise) (to be clear, the object was NOT directly above me, but the height of the object seemed to be 50-100 yards higher than me, again keep in mind i was already 6 stories above street level) then, exactly like the first object, it began to ascend. as it began to ascend, it seemed to stop moving from West to East and it seemed to just ascend straight up. slowly. like watching a balloon, only it was steady and didnt bounce around in the wind. and again, like the first one, i kept my eyes on it until it seemed to completely disappear out of sight and became so distant, i lost it in the stars.

when i spotted the first object, there was 2 security guards that were about to patrol the 6 floor area, and i called them over quickly to observe with me. one security officer dismissed it immediately as a “drone”, but i have seen drones and this object was significantly larger than a drone. also, drones dont typically have the shape that this object did and drones also dont have lights like this object did and drones DEFINITELY dont leave the atmoshpere slowly. the 2nd security guard wash as confused and in aw as i was. but after it disappeared, he went back to patrolling the inside part of the building, and it was at that point that i walked away from the elevator entry way and walked over to the edge of the building to try and continue watching the object ascend away.

THEN, i noticed the second object..and for some period of time, i was alone again. i was hoping that SOMEBODY would come outside where i could call them over when i first saw the second object, because i could very clearly see- it was not a drone. i could see its size and i could see much more detail than i had a chance to see on the first object. as the second object started ascending, a group of 4 people walked out to the patio/barbeque area (where i was standing) and i immediately rushed over to them to point out what i was observing. they were blown away, and i began asking them if they had ever seen a drone, that way i could be certain that what i was seeing was NOT a drone, and they all agreed- it was NOT a drone. but by the time the group of 4 people came out and i made them aware of the object i had been watching, the object was pretty high up already and it was difficult for them to really grasp what they were looking at. to them, it would be easy to mistake the object for a distant airplane, if it werent for the 3 alternating lights that i was able to point out the objects triangular shape by the pattern of the lights. they were amazed, as i was. i only wish that SOMEONE else had been there with me when i first noticed the second object because it was so close at first. i could see great detail and i watched it as it moved silently and slowly. i am 99% sure, the 2 objects i saw were UFO’s. ive never seen anything else like it in my entire life, for sure.

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