UFO Sighting in Charlotte, South Carolina on May 9th 2015 – Witness and I observed a sequential light pattern in the sky that went from stationary to moving

This evening I was outside smoking my last cigarette of the night before bed. I tend to walk out on my porch and gaze at the stars. I suddenly observed a flash of bright white light between the Crane and Indian stars. I called my partner over to look because I knew what I had seen was a bit odd. We both looked up at the sky for a few seconds and then saw the flash again in the same location as the last. I began to calculate the seconds inbetween flashes and counted 13. We saw another flash which seemed to move toward the S from the SE about a half of an inch. 13 seconds and we witnessed a flash again, but this time there were three lights in a tight triangle formation. Once again 13 seconds and a single flash, still moving about a half of an inch each flash. Next was two flashes at once, 13 seconds and a single flash to finish up. Suddenly we did not witness anymore flashes or strange activity. The pattern is interesting to me…I know the above may be confussing so the pattern was 1 flash 13 sec black, 1 flash 13 sec, 1 flash 13sec, 3 flashing lights at the sametime-13 sec, 1 flash 13sec, 2 flashes at the sametime-13 sec, and finally 1 flash.
Pattern is 1-1-1-3-1-2-1 with 13 second intervals inbetween them.

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