Alien Encounter in Petaluma, California on July 4th 2005 – observed space aliens at a distance moving large boxes on the ground

This was related to me by a friend who wants to remain annonymous. As a young man my friend was taken by two friends across country in a VW over some hills at Black Point at the mouth of the Petaluma River. Stopping at a hill they got out and the two friends laughed and said to my friend Look He did and said the did not see anything. They said look again and he still did not see anything. they said look again Then he saw what looked like naked people moving large boxes or crates. the people looked naked and had very large ears. My friend realized they were not humans. As they looked the naked people stopped working and they all stared at my friend and the two with him. the driver of the VW said they had to leave fast so they got in the car and drove away as fast as conditions allowed. The father of the driver was at the time a physics researcher and the driver went on to become big in computers My friend feels that the naked people were aliens and that there is an under ground facility now in the hills around Black Point Truthfully I have not understood why the greys have not taken over already. Perhaps the naked people seen are the results of the greys breeding experiments with humans By the way you are I assume aware that the greys are breeding pure greys here on earth Thought some one might be interested in the location of an alien facility and be interested in a new species of critter

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