UFO Sighting in Lakewood, Washington on May 9th 2015 – Floating red lights, looked like 5 but when zoomed in, can see each is made up of smaller orbs.

My mother, sleeping 3 year old daughter, and I were driving back home from the park. I always look at the sky, as I’m in love with stars. At first I thought I saw 5 airplanes in the sky. But I realized off to the left and right there were in fact 2 planes, but the 5 things I was seeing were not planes. They were continuously lit up red, did not have any flashing lights or anything. At first we thought they were Chinese lanterns, because of how slowly they were moving. But they were going towards the right (Southeast), not up, and we saw two or three move up and down. I had my mom pull over so I could try to take pictures. I’ve seen videos of them before but never saw them in person. The way I felt was very bizarre. I feel as though I was meant to see it. I felt drawn to them. I lost sight of the objects when they suddenly faded out, like their lights went off or something. The day after that night, I zoomed in on the pictures of the lights I was able to catch, and realized there were multiple small orbs making up what appeared to be larger ones to the naked eye. The pictures aren’t the best quality, but they can still be seen.

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