UFO Sighting in Covington, Washington on May 2nd 2015 – Appeared in front of my on the way home in my car. Just four orange glowing orbs in a triangle shape pointing in direction of my home

I was on my way home from work, excited to be home. When I slowed down to take the right turn onto my street, I noticed lights to my left. At first I thought “where are planes able to land around here???” I then actually turned and saw four orange orbs just hovering silently above a large evergreen. I took a breath, decided that if something were to happen to me I’d like to be on my property, and drove home. I wasn’t scared. I became a bit distressed, after later analysis of the situation, when I realized the orbs in the triangle shape we’re pointing in the direction of my home. I am unsure to take that as a threat or not.
I believe it was two days after, when my neighbor introduced himself to my father, mentioned the “fact” that there has been around 40 sightings this month, and told my father that I shouldn’t worry, that it was just him…
Nine days after, a family down the street has a sign reading “alien family” on their front door.
Though I regret it, I did not get a photo.

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