UFO Sighting in Pensacola, Florida on May 9th 2015 – Orb near a plane

Location :
Gulf of Mexico, Fort Pickens Park near Pensacola Naval Air Station
1:30pm in the afternoon
Weather :
Clear sunny sky
Equipment :
Samsung Note 4 Smartphone

I was laying on the beach, while the weather was sunny, and no activity on the beach I heard an airplane and decide to film it.
Aiming the camera towards to the airplane in the sky I discovered a very strange event.

While I was filming the airplane out of nothing a white ORB/DISK appeared, it came with extreme high velocity out of no where towards to the plane.
It came out of somewhere and it appeared to change appearance from a cross like shape to an ORB/DISK.

And while the airplane was flying the ORB/DISK was ‘circling’ around the plane, and flew away.
While the ORB/DISK was circling around the plane I heard a hum, and noticed a very large disk shaped object reddish in color in the direction of the sun.

While the small ORB/DISK disappeared the large disk disappeared as well.

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