Black Triangle Sighting in Grovetown, Georgia on May 12th 2015 – I saw an extremely large black triangular craft float through the night sky then hover. it had white exterior lights and a red blinking one. seen around 1040pm eastern standard .

I was in Grovetown ga coming back from dropping a friend off.
I was looking at the road while driving on eastcrobinson ave when i happened to glance to my right out at the night sky.
At first I thought I was seeing things and then I focused and thought it was some kind of plane flying by. Except it was gliding of floating more like. It floated across the sky and then hover in a a spot for a few seconds. Then it went over a tree line as I followed it in my car down a street i turned onto. I was in shock and disbelief . it felt creepy watching it. Like you know its something very foreign.

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