Black Triangle Sighting in South Dakota on February 20th 2010 – very large triangle shaped craft flew west to east over my place on road. I had time to exit truck and observe

Folks, I have reported this observation before. I am refilling it now as I have recently found a photo on the internet that more closely, by a little, the craft that passed over my head. I was on my way to work early on a Sunday morning about 15 miles south of Sioux Falls where I live when I noticed a large craft come into view straight to the west of the road I was taking. I formed the immediate opinion that if it was an airliner it wouldn’t make it to Sioux Falls Regional Airport, as is seemed so low. I was approaching a low spot in the road where a creek crosses and I got stopped and the craft continued straight to the east. I had time to get my coffee mug and stand outside for a few seconds before the craft passed overhead just slightly south of being directly over my head. As I reported earlier. There were warm red lights. Brighter on each of the three points of the triangle and four other warm red lights of lesser intensity. One forward on one side, and one rearward on the other side. There were two warm red lights toward one side along the rear line of the craft. I recently found this picture of a similar craft reading a story on the net.
In the center or belly of the craft was a circular portion which was visible to the eye but was not alight as I observed. The whole event took perhaps 2-3 minutes from beginning to end to conclude. I got in my truck and went to work. Later, at work I did tell two people what I saw. They didn’t believe me, so I dropped it until a couple years later when another person I worked with encouraged me to file a report. I was contacted by the South Dakota director, and am filing this again to perhaps email him this photo and ask him more about these triangle shaped craft that are seen all over our country and the world. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I am doing this entry on a work computer. If the State Director can email me again, I will pull the pic off my home computer which is where it must be. Thanks a lot.

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