UFO Sighting in Pretoria, Gauteng on May 13th 2015 – like a high flying airliner at night with white lights on wing tips, unusual for an aircraft no noise

I was outside with my usual cup of coffee at 0545 local time looking up at the early morning sky , I note the stars,moon etc. and slightly west of the moon appeared at first to be an aircraft flying North to South at what appeared to be the pace usually observed for satelites, this was too big for a satellite and it was only seen for about 20 seconds and made no noise , I live on the flight path for aircraft approach to Johannesburg OR Tambo airport and I know the rate aircraft operate Height and speed, also I am an ex pilot this was different and where lights would be on an aircraft Nav, etc there were only white lights. I have never seen anything like this before and I am an aviation enthusiast and know aircraft
Like a satellite it faded out of sight, This was larger than any satellite ai had seen before and would be about the size of a B777 at about 20000ft but at that height no noise!!! unusual

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