Black Triangle Sighting in Westland, Michigan on May 12th 2015 – 2 white lights like head lights moving slow then when overhead triangle shape w/red flashing light in middle

At 4:10 am on the way home from work driving south on Wayne Rd near Joy Rd saw 2 bright lights in the East that looked more like the size of headlights,instead of plane lights,it had a red flashing light also.It was moving slow and not that high in the sky.Turned into my subdivision. As it came more directly overhead I got goose bumps and my hair stood up on my arms as it came over the tree line it was a triangle with 4 bright white lights on each side and a red flashing light in the middle.The white lights looked like they were headlight size,lost sight of it in the tree line as it traveled to the southwest. It just was not moving as fast as a plane would.Looked back to the East and saw there was a small plane moving to the East. Just wonder if anyone else saw this?

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