UFO Sighting in Burnaby, British Columbia on August 20th 2005 – two appeared in sky like water being poured from a jug, one become orange when it stopped and expanded into a ball

This took place in August, 2005 on the 20th and 21st and I reported it to UFO BC. The only reason I am mentioning it now is because I heard an interview with Chris Bledsoe on Veritas radio. He mentioned that Mufon had told him the last time those beings were here was in 1952 when they buzzed the White House. I just felt I should say they were here in BC in 2005 and possibly longer and I know its the same beings. They aren’t like a normal craft swooping in….they seem to pop out of the air from nowhere. There are other signs too..their humour, for one. They healed my cold sore that I couldn’t get rid of. They do other things too…hard to describe…like being removed from reality somewhat. I spent quite a bit of time searching the internet to see if anyone else had ever seen them…because they are so strange to the point I didn’t know whether its a craft, an entity on its own or a spirit. I found a report by a police officer in Florida…I knew it was the same beings because he described them as so joyful, with a sense of humour and they healed his alligator bite….they were also orange orbs. (They aren’t orange all the time) He didn’t realize till the next morning his wound was healed. Anyway, I am not the only one who saw them in August, 2005 because when I checked ufo BC …the next day, August 22nd, a person in Chilliwack saw what looked like an orange harvest moon in the sky that later disappeared. That’s the direction they were heading when they left Burnaby on August 22nd.

So what actually happened….I sat down on my porch looking south east and my attention was caught by very strange movement in the sky. Two objects poured, as if from a jug, into my line of sight, criss crossed each other in a spiral and then slowed down and started circling around as if searching or sight seeing. When they came they gave me the strong impression they were having fun. At that point they looked like two silver grains of rice. I am no good at measuring distance. My sight of one was blocked by a tree but the other moved northwest across Capitol Hill slowly. I thought to myself, I’ll know its a UFO if it stops dead in the sky. The moment I had that thought, it stopped dead. Then it was like somebody lit a fire under it and it expanded into a glowing orange orb. Then it went back to normal size…moved south east to its original location. Then it went across the Hill again, just as before. Then it stopped dead and expanded again as before. Then moved back as before and went behind the tree and didn’t appear again. I went into the house thinking I’m not going to tell anyone this. Then I started phoning friends. One of my friends said go out tomorrow night same time because sometimes they come back. So next night I went out, same time and I started to feel taking this sighting personally because JUST as I sat down that one came out from behind the tree. Again it went across Capitol Hill, stopped in the same location and then expanded as before…but this time it make a typical flying saucer shape in light….I thought these guys are joking with me. I started looking around to see if anyone else was around, in the park or on the street….there was a neighbour in the park, she was bending down…I have the impression I called out to her…but things seemed different at that moment…when I think of it…well the fact is when I think of it it seems strange…like the world outside was slow and I was fast…also the world seemed very bright…hard to explain. Anyway it went back behind the tree and I didn’t see it again. The next day I realized my cold sore which I’d been having a hard time to get rid of was completely gone. I emailed a writer in England I know and he told me the english call it geoplasma and people typically have a sense of communication with them. Geoplasma really means nothing…just they don’t know what it is….except its light.

That’s about all I can say for the orb. I do have a lot of other strange experiences which is why I liked what Bledsoe had to say…kind of puts everything together. Sometime later I did see a triangle in sky when I was driving sought up Gilmore Avenue. But that experience was a bit extreme…I stopped the car to get a better look and it started to move northwest…it changed shape twice…once to an airplane and finally to a black helicopter with a blue light that followed my car. I hardly ever talk about that experience because frankly people would think I was hallucinating. I wasn’t…although I have to say when you see a triangle change to a plane then a helicopter you do get a strange feeling.

In any event, my purpose in writing this is to say…it wasn’t 1952 to 2008 or whenever Mr. Bledsoe saw them….they were here in Burnaby at least since 2005 and I think in Florida as well sometime before that. They are probably always around.

I have no picture of this. On seeing something like this the last thing anyone would do is run into the house to get a camera. It was an elevating experience to say the least.

Just another note: i think you probably wouldn’t get the humour in the Bledsoe story but when I heard about one of the hunters being terrified by an alien animal chasing him, I thought I knew for sure its my friends from 2005.

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