UFO Sighting in Hatch, Utah on May 13th 2015 – blue blur in photo not observed when pic snapped

We were traveling north on hwy 89 near hatch utah. My son who is autistic and rarely speaks unless he has a question or gets excited was sitting in the rear passenger side of our vehicle. He says “dad look, dad look” I thought he was just excited by the cloud formation as he is enamored with clouds and weather. I was in the front passenger seat, we had the camera in the center console because we were shooting pictures on the way to Red canyon. I lowered my window and took the pic. I tried to reframe a second shoot but must have panned the camera and just got a blurred imaged. When I went to review the shot with him I noticed a blue blurred oval in the picture. did not”notice” the blur when I went to take the picture.

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