UFO Sighting in Victoria, British Columbia on May 14th 2015 – 2 red lights over victoria bc, held still then flew right and acended

family member looked out of balcony window at 23:20 , saw 2 red lights in sky left of venus. i stepped out and observed red lights in sky. thought at first they maybe helicopters but there was no noise what soever.the 2 of them formed a l shape if there was a line between them. the red looked like inferred lights that you would see in night flight headset in movies of night vision footage.as i looked closer with binoculars it was more like a round red light. they floated there for a few minutes, then flew to the right the bottom one acceded towards the other then they disappeared into the sky above venus. this was observed by myself and a family member. I have sent you a video from my iPhone, sorry its not very clear but you can make out the 2 red light one roughly 10 o’clock from venus and the other almost at 12. venus being the bright light in bottom right. I have also sent you a screen capture with them circled and indicated .

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