UFO Sighting in West Bloomfield Township, Michigan on May 14th 2015 – A unidentifiable diamond shaped object with white lights covering the entire bottom flew over my house

I Was sitting outside on my patio smoking my e-cigarette, I was facing east, which has my looking directly at my house. I heard a strange jet like noise coming from the east, and as it got closer it became more of a buzzing/whistle/vibrating/jet engine sound. I was pretty excited because I thought maybe a jet fighter was flying overhead and those are rare to see where I live. My patio is covered for the first 12 feet until it becomes a wooden deck, so as I was sitting down I had to turn over my right shoulder to see the object flying past. When I saw the object finally see the object Its a glowing white diamond shape heading west, it was moving only slightly faster that a passenger jet seen from the ground. I got up to get a better and watched it head west for about 10 seconds and as it got further I Noticed it wasn’t one big white light, but multiple smaller white lights, and then it disappeared. After it disappeared I continued to hear its noise for roughly 3 seconds.

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