Alien Encounter in Austin, Pennsylvania on December 8th 1998 – While hunting in the mountain of PA, I believed I was abducted.

While hunting with family and family friends when I was 17 years old, in the mountain of PA. Near the end of our day, we formed a line to put a deer drive on for my uncle. We all lined up on a path at the top of the hill, I was last in the line. During the winter, vegetation was low and there was about 1 to 1 1/2 inches of snow on the ground. To my left was the line of family and friends and to my right was a big Glacier boulder. The boulder is about the size of a 2 story house, and you can see it from a small distance away. As we started the drive down the hill, I notice the vegetation staying low, after taking about 10 to 15 steps I noticed that there was something wrong. After taking another undetermined amount of steps, I came upon a path, a path that I should not be on. Hunting in the area for 5 to 6 years, I know the area very well. As I came to the path, I began to look around. I did notice any of my fellow hunter, but I did notice the same Glacier boulder that was on my right, is now on my left. I began to walk on the path toward were I was before. I kept on looking at the snow on the ground looking for any track, seeing nothing. The only sound I remember hearing is the wind and only thing seeing in the sky was snow. As I got closer to where I was before I could here one of my friend calling my name, I met him and he asked what happen. As I was starting to tell him what happen my father came up to us. He listened to what I had to say, then when I was done he just said I got lost. So we decided to perform the drive again. I got back to my exact spot I was at before, because I can see my tracks in the snow. When we started again, I looked at the ground watch where my tracks lead me. After about 5 to 6 feet, my tracks were no more, and all I seen was new snow that was undisturbed. I asked about what happen again that night, and my father stated again that I got lost. Later when we got home, I told my mother what happen, and she made the joke that I was visiting my true father. I did ask, and she did say she is joking. What really disturbs me is the distance between where I left the path with the Glacier boulder to my left and where I came onto the path with the Glacier boulder to my right. I estimated the distance to be about 100 to 150 yards, maybe more. I don’t know how much time had past because I was not wearing a watch at the time. And I have not been back to that spot since the incident happen. We never went back there to go hunting since that time because we decided to go to another area, closer to where our family cabins are located. I don’t tell alot of people about this incident, I estimate that I only told about 20 people, and none of them think I crazy or that I lying. And after all of these years, I still don’t remember anything at all.

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