UFO Sighting in Cornell (more like a vill, Michigan on June 6th 1979 – Hovering light above tree tops. It eventually, slowly came directly at us (my nephew and I)

I was maybe 11-12 with my nephew who was 3 years younger. We were at our camp in Cornell, MI (rural area). I had climbed into the top bunk w/him so we could look out the window-the bed was lengthwise against the window and when we lay down we were at eye level with the window. We see a light above the trees way off in the distance. At first we think it’s a star, but then it gets brighter, then dimmer. We don’t know what to think. We get caught up in being kids and not paying attention for a few minutes, then when we look, it’s closer and brighter and looks a little bigger. Weird. What IS that?? Next time we look, it’s WAY closer and it’s pretty bright. OMG. Now we are getting scared. Within a minute I swear the light was right outside the window and filled the window and room w/light. You never saw two kids jump off a bed so fast in your life. Woke my dad up, and of course, he thought we were nuts. “Get back to bed.” We were scared and waited until he went in and checked it out and there was nothing there. Needless to say, we slept in the bottom bunk. My nephew and I never spoke of it until about 8 years ago. I questioned him about it and asked him if he remembered that or did I just dream it. He said, “No. You did not dream that. That was crazy.” I told him I wasn’t sure I had ever been that scared in my life and he agreed. Unfortunately, my nephew died just 5 years ago. So there is no one to corroborate my story.

But, my story doesn’t end there. It seems I would be visited more than once. I used to see things all the time in the sky and it fascinated me. In 9th or 10th grade, my very best friend since 3rd grade slept at my house (again, in Cornell). We both wake up in the morning with what felt like weird dreams. We were on opposite sides of the bed than we were when we went to bed. She actually remembered more than I did, and yes, I am still friends w/her.

Forward 10 years or so, I am married and have two children. I never spoke to my kids about UFOs as I never wanted to frighten them, and I wasn’t quite sure what to believe. My 8 year old son begins having what I first believed was nightmares. He would come screaming down the stairs saying, “mom, mom, there was a light in my window, and it was shining right at me.” I told him that it could have just been a car passing by and maybe light reflected into his room. This began to become an almost weekly (sometimes more) event. And it got worse. Sometimes he swore he couldn’t move and he felt like someone was with him. He would try to wake up his brother and he wouldn’t wake up. Eventually he started sleeping in his closet that was in between the two bedrooms upstairs. He did that for almost a year. He was terrified. I never told him I didn’t believe him, but I would just tell him that we don’t know what it is. I didn’t believe he would be hurt. He continued to have these “nightmares” well into high school. I didn’t want to believe it, but I think he may have been abducted. He is almost 30 now and he can hardly talk about it.

When David was around 12 or 13, his dad and I were going to a party about 5 miles from Escanaba, MI (where we lived). On our way there I notice a light above this field. We both think maybe it’s a star. It’s still sort of light out. The light gets a little closer and it’s hovering. It’s not a saucer, but is like a layer cake. I had never seen anything like it in my life. Multi colored lights all around. But it was cylindrical. My husband (now my ex) was excited. The object descended below the near tree line and looked like it was landing in the field. I don’t believe it made a sound. HE STOPPED THE CAR!!! OMG. I was terrified and told him to drive. He actually wanted to go and check it out. Uh-uh. Ain’t happening. DRIVE THE CAR. Of course, we get to the party and are so shook up by what we saw that we tell everyone there and they all think we are nuts.

Here’s another interesting thing. My father (who was born in 1919) tells me he had encounters and has seen many unexplained UFOs. He had been in the army, but I’m not sure what or when he saw things because he would never say more than that. So, my question is, have they been following three generations of us??? I told my son about your site here and I think he is still too traumatized to even want to think about it much. Something happened to him when he was young. Something that was very real to him. He was not a boy to make things up. He has graduated from law school and has a masters in human resources. But he still gets a little nervous talking about aliens. I thought I should get our story out there. We have no pictures or video. Only our memories.

Thanks for giving me a chance to get this out.

~Marti (preferred)

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