All of the “stars” in My sky are actually UFOs, and I have a video to show you!

All of the “stars” in My sky are actually UFOs, and I have a video to show you!

I had My first encounter with UFOs in the summer of 2012, and about a couple of months later or so, I had an encounter with an alien-like being. This alien-like being was totally invisible at first, and I saw this being after it became translucent.

I watched this alien-like being for about 3 through 6 hours. I didn’t time how long I was watching this alien-like being, because I was so focused on what I was seeing. The reason why I stopped watching this being was because it got too dark outside.

I reported My encounter with MUFON, and also some of My UFO sightings.

Anyways, to curtail this message and get to the point, I have been seeing UFOs in Massachusetts since September of 2013 (except when its too cloudy outside).

I have lost interest in watching these UFOs, because they normally do the same thing, which is spin around in little circles, move in any direction, etc. But last night, I was watching one UFO move very far, and then move back, and then move in another direction very far. Usually the UFOs I see don’t move so far from one point in the sky.

You can go to YouTube and watch a video of what these UFOs do. This is My first post, so I doubt I will be able to play a video, so if someone can play the video, I would appreciate it.

Go to YouTube, and search for “UFOs disguised as night stars”. The video is about 9 minutes long, and no one talks in that video.

Anyways, all of the “stars” in My night sky move around a little bit, so I would suggest that all of you guys stare at one “star” at a time for a few minutes to see if it moves around a bit. I am serious.

If you guys have any questions, comments, or concerns about My encounter with that being, or the UFOs I have seen, feel free to comment.


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