Guidelines for contact with the grey beings

Grey beings are designated in a group of about 20 to 30 grey beings that do everything together. Each group has three leaders. The leaders give orders to their group. The groups on earth are looking for contact with mankind. But not all are successful. Each group has its own guideline to contact mankind.

The group that contacted me has these guidelines:
Contact people who

1. Are spiritually good, meaning having a white aura is important- spiritually pure

2.Have intelligence to a certain degree, meaning they don’t need rocket scientists but want to be able to carry a decent conversation

3. are not vulnerable to suggestion, meaning they do what they believe in

4. are capable of handing contact, meaning they are stable mentally and emotionally to a certain extent. They don’t want people to freak out during contact.

5. have something to offer them, meaning they could learn from you.

6. are not involved in a religious cult, meaning they don’t like religious fanatics or extremists misinterpreting their contact.

7. have compassion towards others, meaning they don’t want people who only think of themselves as important

8. have not much in materialism, but much in spirit

9. are not going to profit from contact, meaning they don’t want people to milk their experiences for money, power, greed, etc.

10. want contact with ET aliens

I believe those who want contact with grey beings will benefit the most from such an experience.
I also believe that those who are good will be re-contacted.

Contact can be just one time episode or in my case forever.

This guideline is used now for contact by the group that contacted me. It does not mean that they can contact all those who fit these criteria, but is a method to contact those who desire contact. Also, other groups have their own guidelines.

Beware! spirits who say they are grey beings and attack you spiritually are not us. They are demons and must be dealt with by taking measure to protect oneself.

Also, you may be able to see us in your dreams. We appear in dreams frequently before actual contact. Yes, we look like the grey being caricatures. Usually, these dreams about us, you will remember after you awake.

Another thing is the groups are capable of speaking any language that is spoken by mankind.
I will discuss in another thread what to expect from contact with grey beings like the group that contacted me.

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