UFO Sighting in Bedford, Indiana on May 16th 2015 – was outside with my dogs and watched 3 red objects fly overhead and disappear,got wife and neighbor seen it also

i took my dogs outside around 9:30 or so at night and was coming back in the house and just looked in the sky the direction i was walking and seen a red orb coming towards me at a high rate of speed. as i watched it fly by it made no sound at all,it was a bright red color and flow straight flight path and as i watched it i seen a jet heading towards its path and as it got closer to it the orb disappeared.so i turned around to go in the house and seen another one just like it flying the same path so i open my front door and told my wife to hurry to see this so we both went out and i showed her the red orb and as it flow by with no sound it disappeared about same spot then wife says look another one so turn around and it did the same thing ,same path and disappeared about same area.then i stood a watched around for a few more minutes and seen nothing else but my neighbor came down the sidewalk and asked me if i seen it.i said yes and he told me he tried to record on his phone but the orb looked like a bright white blob on his phone. so went in the house and thought id report it here.

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