UFO Sighting in Elkhart, Indiana on August 13th 2010 – Sitting on back porch third floor looking west with My Xgf We saw huge Meteor so close to earth

I was Sitting on my back porch smoking a cig with my X Gf Observing the percieds meteor shower observing many brilliant shooting stars the evening we were hungry to go out and gaze to the heavens again and had already made five or six trips outside. As we sat we both observed what appeared to be huge meteor traveling at the highest rate of speed i have ever seen. i estimate 5 to 10 times the speed of sound. I got the feeling the object was spinning like a top i was in the army airborne infantry i estimate the length of the object to be 400m – 700m long and 300 – 450m wide or tall. it was a fat disk in shape Dark in color the object left two distinct trails of orange flame as it tore through the atmosphere angular /==== Starting from the leading edge of the top edge 150m tall trailing 1700m and dissipating into nothing an equal and opposite trail ==== that started from the leading edge of the bottom of the meteor in tandem. vividly i recall that their was no trail whatsoever directly behind the object as it hurtled past only blackness which still to me makes no sense. In awe and shock moments maybe 45 seconds we stood is dumbfounded silence finally i swallowed and asked my x, “Did you see that too?” she closed her mouth and mumbled out a “yes” and we spoke at length at what we had witnessed and the horror of the thought of what would have happened if that huge spinning rock had struck our world straight on instead on merely near missing our earth… It would have been catastrophic and to be honest i have never felt so small and insignificant A few hundred feet lower and i would have been atomized with hundreds of thousands of others. the object flew in a solely southern flight path and to the best of my knowledge it flew perfectly horizontal and exited back into space. i would also like to say that though it had a fire-trail the object was not burning up disintegrating or affected by our atmosphere whatsoever. and also it brought to my attention that their are gigantic objects in space moving unfathomably fast moving around us that we as a race have no clue about. I dont go out and look during meteor showers anymore not that im scared or anything i just had my fill of them thank you. as a footnote i wanted to to express that a giant meteor was in my opinion without a doubt killed the dinosaurs and i don’t like to say it but i feel as collective life on earth will befalling a similar demise in the upcoming years from the perceids.

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