UFO Sighting in Havelock, North Carolina on May 14th 2015 – This object was NOT identifiable to anything previously experienced. It was larger than known typical military craft, including the C-130. We observed a long very dark (almost mat

My son (17) and I drove to McDonald’s for a latenight movie snack.

From Highway 70 heading west we entered the left turning lane leading to Greenfield Heights. Clear night, sparse traffic. Waiting for green left turn light. It was here while waiting that we made an unusual observation. Coming up from the distant East tree line (about 1/2 mile away) at approx 45 degree slope a light leading a large lumbering black shape appeared and headed in our general direction (slightly north westerly). It moved gentle, blimpish, quietly slowly leveling out as it headed west, at one point it was almost directly above us (slightly north) and we were mesmerized by the length, which was primarily evidenced by the long dark gap between a front large almost LED type light on a slightly cone shaped tip to the back with a couple of pattern pulsating red lights (no green, blue or other lights) I rolled down my window and we stared as it continued west toward the north/west forest tree line, in an oddly (low low altitude for such a size) until out of sight. Most unusual was its floating type of movement, it’s size and very dark exterior, and a very conspicuous lack of sound.

We have lived next to MCAS Cherry Point nearly 20 years. My spouse (now retired) was involved in land air defense on the air station. We can identify numerous aircraft by sight, shadow, sound and movement patterns. We frequently hear flights in and out of Cherry Point Air Station including vertical lift helos and of course the harrier jets that can “hover.”

This object was NOT identifiable to anything previously experienced. It was much larger than known typical military craft, including the C-130. It moved almost like a blimp but was not the large football/blimp shape, more like a long very dark (almost matching the night sky) cigar. The lights initially lead us to believe it was a known craft coming past at an odd angle, but as it leveled out and continued west, it was apparent this was not a known craft, at least not known to me. The lack of sound was particularly fascinating.

I know that sound travels slower than light. Whenever we happen to view a helo or other craft at a similar range it takes a moment for the sound to catch up to the viewed object but ultimately IT DOES and we always hear the typical aircraft roars and rumbles.

As this strange object passed overhead, we listened specifically for any sound patterns. There were none. The object just passed by at quick and steady pace until it was no longer visible.

We (son and I) both agreed we could not identify this craft so we considered it a UFO.

I was reluctant to share this on Mufon, however, I would have appreciated it if I found someone describing something similar that they also experienced and so, in the interest of sharing, here it is. If anyone ask, I’ll try drawing it out and post the sketch.

Aside from missing our left turn and feeling a bit paranoid, we have experienced no negative side effects.

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