UFO Sighting in Ottawa, Ontario on June 25th 2011 – Two dark objects flying dangerously close to each other with no lights on. Almost like a game.

It was around midnight when I was taking my dogs outside with a friend. I was staring at the stars. I could see a couple of planes in the horizon flying low, either descending or ascending with lights over the wings and in the front. I noticed two air crafts flying side by side with some space between them over my head. They were high above the commercial planes. They were silent. I saw them dangerously weaving in and out towards each other as though they were having fun in the air or space flying. I never saw them touch each other. They flew in the same direction moving straight. My friend couldn’t see them without glasses. I kept my eyes on the two aircraft wondering why are they flying without lights on. They were out of my view within two minutes. They moved very quickly. I did not see wings on the air craft. I only saw the body of the air craft which was cylinder like two slim bullets in the sky. 110% they were air craft. They moved swiftly a part and then very close to each other still without touching. I either saw two UFO air crafts or two government jets flying much much higher than the commercial planes. I saw a plane after the two air crafts were gone. The plane was much lower, slower, and it had lights blinking on visible wings. These aircrafts were not commercial planes. I’m not sure if anyone else saw these two air crafts in June/July 2011 at night.

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