UFO Sighting in Hartman, Arkansas on September 4th 2012 – saw 5 lights separate go in 5 different directions then come back together

Saw 5 objects glowing different colors but not red or green like normal aircraft.the shocking thing about this sighting was there we’re 5 objects moving at strange angles for aircraft. Instantly changing direction at 45 degrees. Objects departed i 5 different directipns came back together very fast 4 times normal jet aircraft speed then slowly coming together not in formation alone but connecting as one then finally leaving as one.changing colors in each were yellow orange
violet an white. I was in pool at night looking at stars when this happened a proxy 5 min. I am learning to fly an these had no red or green lights even when moving in opposite direction view satilights planes helicopters nightly never saw anything like this.100 percent positive this was very different aircraft with strange flight abilities

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