America’s UFO: The Story of the Avrocar

America’s UFO: The Story of the Avrocar

By Bill Wilson

      Few fringe topics evoke as much passion and debate as UFOs. Theories about what lies behind the UFO phenomena range from serious scientific treatises to quasi-religious explanations that evoke everything from Bigfoot to Atlantis.

One piece of the puzzle may lie with an experimental aircraft that received serious attention from both American and Canadian military authorities in the 50s and 60s. Dubbed the VZ-9 Avrocar, the craft bears an uncanny resemblance to popular conceptions of flying saucers, which are the most commonly reported type of UFO.

The Avrocar was the brainchild of maverick aircraft designer Jack Frost. Frost worked with the British aeronautical firm de Havilland during World War II. He pioneered research into supersonic travel and other advanced concepts. In 1947, he signed on with the Canadian-based aviation company Avro Canada, eventually forming a close-knit team of renegade researchers who called themselves the Special Projects Group (SPG). The alone is enough to send conspiracy buffs into a tizzy. Adding to the organization’s mystery is the fact that it worked on highly experimental aircraft designs. . . .

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