How UFOs Conquered the World

Alien Encounters in a 1948 Science-Fiction Magazine

By James McConnachie

There are 52,000 pages of government documents dealing with UFOs. This former believer has examined them all

      UFO believers will not like this book. It is not a classic debunking; David Clarke is too subtle and warm for that. But it is written by a turncoat, a former believer turned journalist who, in 2007, curated the release of all 52,000 pages of the Ministry of Defence’s UFO-related documents to the National Archives.

Four million people visited that site in its first five years, most of them presumably believers, but Clarke’s stance is that almost all sightings can be explained as hoaxes, fantasies or misidentifications.

His booktackles a number of celebrated incidents, most notably the American pilot Kenneth Arnold’s sighting, on June 24, 1947, of the original “flying saucers”. . . .

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