UFO Sighting in Buckingham, on May 18th 2015 – Small light with obvious metal structure. Was red and was hovering before indredibly quickly whizzing off

1. I was in my bedroom, I was getting dressed and opened my curtains and saw it
2. Because when I opened my curtains, I saw the light
3. I didn’t know, I was scared. I thought it was a laser pointing at me
4. It was a metallic object with a big, glowing red light. It was floating in the same place for approximately 5 minutes before it flew off very quickly to the North West and disappeared before reaching the clouds.
5. I was scared to begin with, but I felt more relaxed the longer I was there. I heard a police car and felt more safe despite not knowing why it was around. I quickly started trying to take a picture with my phone, but my phone kept falling out of my hand.
6. When it flew off

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