UFO Sighting in Cassville, Missouri on May 18th 2015 – Fristatopm tpward <IFPN amd <osspiro MIFon

I am getting pretty pissed offed at the local and national MUFON. They have actual asked me to stop submitting reports, my guess it is because my husband and I cannot afford the MUFON membership dues/ <u husband and are so poor we cant afford them because of my income imitations. We would like to be very small annual income. I am not crazy by any stretch of the imagination. I have been studying the local objects and non-local objects and what they do and it scares the living daylights out of me and I thought I should tell someone about them. There is a very dangerous thing going on with the opposition and the friendly which are very visible in their objects. platforms. and what they are different from the good guy for as long as over 150 years or more and it seems to be as long as they have since I and others have seen them. This worries even me, that they may be excellerating toward a bad ending on us or them as winners and a different turning into a different type of planet, and if the bad guys are winning I shudder to think of what that could mean and that MUFON is ignoring these changes until it is to late MUFON in this localized activities and I hope if does not run out of control before something bad happens. I have tried phoning the national headquarters and I Have no luck in getting in contact with them or Missouri MUFON has lost any interest in this threat. It seems that they are more interested in the historical facts or fiction than those who is out there right now. I have been studying the local situation for the last 23 years. Would some one get in touch with me tomorrow (May 18) I will be out of town for the next day or so after

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