UFO Sighting in Montana on October 22nd 2000 – Bright red orb, in flight

I was on a flight from Minneapolis, Minn to Great Falls, Mt in October of 2000. It was a Sunday night. The sky was clear, no clouds. I was sitting in a window seat of the plane. I like looking out the window, even at night, when I fly. I am not sure which State we were over at the time. The flight was a non eventful flight. No turbulence, no issues. Almost boring. Most passengers were sleeping or reading. All of a sudden, the pilot made an abrupt upward turn to the left..as if to avoid something. The action brought my attention to the window. After the plane leveled out, I observed a bright red orb/light slowly flying along the side of the plane, going the opposite direction..going East as we were going West. When it got even with the plane, it matched our speed, as if observing us. I watched this for about 3 to 5 minutes. I looked at the other passengers. No one was phased or even concerned about the pilots abrupt action, nor looked out the window. No one was sitting near me, so no one to ask to look. I also didn’t ask anyone because, now I am doubting it is another plane. My first thought was that it was a fighter jet. But, that opinion changed when the object suddenly shot away, to the East still, at an amazing speed. Nothing i have ever seen. When we landed, I was going to ask a flight attendant what happened. Oddly, no flight attendant was in sight…no one. The cockpit door was closed. There was absolutely no one to ask what happened. I have only told a few people of this event. There was no social media in 2000, like there is today; so there was no way to try to ask anyone else if they had seen this. I am sorry I have no photos. I did not have a camera, and I doubt a camera would have picked up the object. I can only guess at it’s size,maybe the size of a car; and the distance, since it was dark, is only a guess also…maybe 100 yards. I am submitting this in the event that this might be related to anyone else reporting a sighting related to this event. It was a Sunday evening in October, I believe one of the last two Sundays of the month. I have tried to do some research of any records I may have to pin point the exact Sunday and time of this event. I believe we were about half way between Minneapolis and Great Falls. If this is any help, I hope it is. FYI, i really doubt that this was a jet I saw. Why would the pilot make an abrupt change in his flight…to the point that every passenger was jostled to a very high degree. Everyone looked at each other, but night pout the window. I was on the right side of the plane, meaning the object was on the North side of the plane.

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