Fireball UfOs????

So lately, Ive been on the NUFORC website alot, Im blown away by some of the reports there, they do a GREAT job of cataloging them all, you can search by date, state, country, time, etc. Way better than MUFON imo.

Anyway, I noticed there are alot of fireball reports, most of them are pretty similar, the people see what looks like a fireball, either moving slowly across the sky, or moving fast, none of them appear to make any noise, some change course, or slow down/ speed up, alot of them seem to be green, blue, red, but Ive seen pink reported too.

Im just curious what everyones opinion on these are? Im not sure, but if they are something natural, like a real fireball, I do know it would NOT slow down, or change course, so something is controlling them, its strange, why would some UFOs appear to be fireballs, when others appear as triangles, circles, squares, etc…??

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