UFO Sighting in Hermosa Beach, California on April 29th 2015 – I saw a low-flying, strange-looking craft from my home on April 29, 2015.

I was watching TV on April 29, 2015, approximately 9:10pm. All the lights were out in my house. The TV sits between me and a large double sliding glass door that faces west and overlooks the ocean. I always keep the vertical blinds fully open at night as it is fairly dark behind the house. My house sits on a hill a few blocks east of Pacific Coast Highway ( PCH ). Because of the houses that sit below me on the hill, I am unable to see directly onto PCH. I was suddenly distracted by intensely bright red and white lights moving slowly from a south to north direction. I jumped up, opened the sliding glass doors for a clearer look and could see a craft moving slowly, apparently over PCH. It was very low ( a few hundred feet) and because I was up on the hill, I was almost as high up as the craft itself, and in fact it appeared to be less than 100 feet higher than I was. I was only able to see a side profile and was unable to determine its overall shape, but it seemed to be about 125-150 feet long. The craft was a dull black in color with a lighter black upper section that displayed some definition of squares and rectangles, as if it was a separate section from the rest of the craft. I noticed a line of about 6 blue-green lights on the front end that appeared to curve slightly,making it appear like that part of the craft was rounded and that the lights may have been widows. There were no lights on the main body but at the rear was a line of intensely bright white lights that almost seemed attached to a metal railing protruding from the rear of the craft. However, the railing may have been an illusion caused by the intensity and flashing. Next to these lights, and situated between the white lights and the craft, was a red flashing light, also very very bright. I am familiar with conventional aircraft lights and have seen many planes and helicopters up close on tarmacs and ramps and in the air, but have never seen lights as bright and intense as these. It’s fairly quiet by my house so I was able to distinguish an audibly low hum coming from the craft, almost like a muted vacuum cleaner. It moved slowly north until out of view. I stood there in complete amazement trying to figure out what it was that I just saw. I knew immediately it was not a plane. No plane would fly that low over such a densely populated area, and besides, at that slow speed it would have stalled and fallen to the ground, unable to fly. The hum I heard was not that of an airplane prop or jet engine. It was definitely not a helicopter as we constantly have them flying around here ( at times directly overhead ) patrolling the beaches or on military maneuvers, with their very distinct loud whirling sound. A small experimental aircraft? Certainly not. Too big. And any pilot would have to be crazy to fly at that altitude around here. The FAA has a major presence in this area, as we are about 10 miles south of LAX and in close proximately to 3 municipal airports. I can’t stop thinking about it and am curious if anyone else has reported the same sighting at about the same time.

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