UFO Sighting in Wantage, New Jersey on June 4th 2011 – small 20 ft diameter grey disk traveling in a straight line with a wobble west to east

The initial sighting occurred on the first or second Saturday in June, 2011 at about 3 – 4 PM. The weather was sunny with some clouds. We were relaxing outside on our deck watching hawks soaring on thermals through binoculars. I took notice of what I thought was a gliding hawk and picked up the binoculars for a closer look. It was clearly a small, disc shaped object with a slight but distinctive ���wobble��� with no other distinguishing features. The color was a flat light grey very similar to a military aircraft paint. The location was to our South no more than 2 miles from our home and heading East in a straight line. Comparing the size, speed, altitude and location to the small aircraft that fly in and out of Sussex Airport, my best guesses would be a diameter around 20 feet, 6-7 feet tall, speed around 200 MPH, altitude about 3,000 feet and above the vicinity of Route 284 between Sussex Borough and Unionville, NY. I watched it for about 30 seconds until it was lost from view. At the time, I thought I was watching a military drone due to it’s color. About 2-4 days later, I caught another glimpse of the same object from our backyard deck. It flew directly overhead heading North, Northeast. I only saw it for about 10 seconds between trees, but it was lower than the first sighting (about 2,000 feet) and the ���wobble��� appeared more like a conventional aircraft’s Dutch Roll. We could call it a wobble with a wiggle! There was no noise, markings, lights or vapor trail. That was the last daytime sighting. We did, however, see an odd light flying in the night sky twice that Summer. It flew in paths similar to the second sighting and once flew in a curved path. It���s difficult to judge the height, but it was low – no more than 3,000 feet and comparing it to a small aircraft, flew at twice their speed or 200 – 250 MPH. It was a large, round, bright, solitary light that didn���t appear to throw a beam. No sound, no navigation or other blinking lights. The durations were 25 to 30 seconds as sight was lost due to trees and the times were between 9 and 10PM. As before, I thought that there was some sort of drone testing taking place overhead.

One final mention. The airspace above Wantage open for aerobatics, balloons, paragliding, skydiving – just about anything. A drone test wouldn���t surprise me.

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