Humans on alien home planets?

Ive long wondered if some of these people that have abducted over the years have been taken to the aliens home planet. I know many are returned to where they were taken, or close by, usually lost time is involved, but it seems logical they would take a certain number back with them for further and more intensive testing, or to show off to the alien population (who knows?! lol)

I would very much enjoy seeing an alien metro city, that would be pretty cool I think, I bet it would look similar to many of the worlds on Star wars, probably planets that are major trading hubs, metro areas, some are likely rural, jungle, icy worlds, etc etc. Seeing some alien animal life would be cool too I think.

I think my worst nightmare would be waking up to find myself in what I think is an alien ship, try to escape, and finally realize Im on another planet, in some strange alien city…that just sounds terrifying to me. Ive also wondered if some alien races may keep a ‘sample’ from each planet or system they visit, kind of like a living catalog of beings from all over the universe ( I would LOVE to see this zoo though!), God could you imagine how that would feel…to know you are going to be stared at, pocked, prodded, etc!

Just curious if anyone thinks this is possible?

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