UFO Sighting in Barnsdall, Oklahoma on May 19th 2015 – I just went outside to smkoke a ciggarette!

Me and my best friend went outside because I needed to smoke a cigarette. We started to walk out to the street and that is when we looked up at the night sky to observe the stars. It was beautiful that night, so calm and awkwardly quite. That’s when we noticed a strange looking what we thought was, a star at the time until the object then moved. We looked around the sky for another star like moving object that is when we saw what we thought were two plains just above the tree line but they didn’t move through the sky like planes would no, the seemed to more hover and go in a pattern like stream. We looked at one another in amazement then looked back at the night sky. We in the house after it was midnight that’s then when our curiosity got the best of us. So we went back outside to the street but this time I brought my IPhone with us to snap these great pictures. We couldn’t believe what we had just witnessed and we couldn’t really talk about it either. During this event everything was quite like, there was no background noise. NO crickets chirping, no vehicle’s, nobody outside and, no animals. The street light even seemed like it was more dimmer then usual. After the event the crickets were chirping, my house cats came out, the street light was back to normal and there were the usual voices across the way.

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